División De Apoyo a la Educación e Investigación

Agradecemos su interés en los programas educativos que ofrece CCCUPR. Por el momento, como medida de seguridad debido a la pandemia del COVID-19, nuestras experiencias educativas han sido limitadas a estudiantes graduados. Les exhortamos se mantengan pendientes a los comunicados en nuestra página web sobre la reapertura a todos nuestros programas educativos.

The mission statements of the CCCUPR are the following: (1) to eradicate the prevalence of cancer in our island through the use of multidisciplinary strategies of clinical, basic, population, and science research, (2) to provide the best care to cancer patients, always guided by scientific evidence through programs that integrate patient care, research and prevention education programs; educational programs are offered to undergraduates, graduates, health professionals, health system employees, and the general public.

The Educational Program of the CCCUPR aims to support these efforts in developing a good theoretical basis funded in principles of basic, pre-clinical, clinical research.

Educational Program Mission

Training professionals to high standards, creating leaders that are: responsible, autonomous, cooperative, and have a high sense of belonging and commitment to our national and international reality, in the area of research in cancer control, defenders of life and the environment, that act and participate in the definition of public policies with scientific and technological knowledge, and always encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue.
Educational Program Vision

To be recognized as a program that:

  • Trains professionals to excel academically and behave ethically, capable of working on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams that respects the social cultural aspects of the society they live in.

  • Promotes self-managed learning to support students with quality teaching, using modern and effective methodologies in the area of research and training in different scenarios that contribute to the development of disciplinary skills necessary for optimal performance.

  • Initiator, promoter, facilitator and contributor to projects in the field of education research that impact the health problems in the Puerto Rican population, through functional teams and effective participation in interdisciplinary research.

Para obtener más información puede escribir a: ycampos@cccupr.org