About Us

The Puerto Rico OMIC Center (PROMIC) is a collaborative effort between the University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UPRCCC), the Research Minority Institutions (RCMI), the PR Clinical & Translational Research Consortia (PRCTRC) and the Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE). Through a Memorandum of Understanding between our four programs, signed in July 2016, we are able to agglutinate resources to perform state-of-art OMIC methodologies. We have a team of basic research scientists, physichian scientists, bioinformaticians and thecnicians with the capacity to provide comprehensive support for high throughput OMIC services.


We seek to offer quality OMIC laboratory testing solutions for both research and clinical purposes to physicians and researchers, in order to decrease health disparities in the care for cancer patients in Puerto Rico by promoting precision medicine and stimulate the progress of biomedical and cancer research.


Our primary mission is to help facilitate cancer research by providing cutting-edge technologies in areas including genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomics and proteomics, to the University of Puerto Rico System (UPR System), the UPRCCC, and colleagues at the public and private institutions. Our fundamental principle is to integrate the laboratory to the clinic, thus driving the development of new approaches to screening, prevention and treatment of cancer.


In this context PROMIC serves to:

  • Encourage interdisciplinary research across the UPR System and the UPRCCC in a facility where our researchers have access to a state-of-the-art laboratory and our expert personnel to design their OMIC research questions.
  • Enable research outside the UPR System by offering services and solutions to researchers in academic and private institutions.
  • Increase national and international recognition of the PROMIC through research accomplishments and activities.
  • Evolve into a clinical genomics facility implementing the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations in order to offer precision and targeted treatment to cancer patients.
  • Strive to provide quality testing for clinical applications for researchers and physicians at the UPR System, UPRCCC and our collaborators.