Ana Patricia Ortiz, Ph.D., MPH

Investigator, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UPRCCC) &
Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, PR.


Complete list of publications:

Dr. Ortiz completed an MPH in Epidemiology and a PhD in Epidemiology, both from the same institution, University of Michigan. Here she was also a scholar on the Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture, and Health, sponsored by the NIH. In 2007, she also completed the Cancer Prevention and Control course (Public Health and Molecular Epidemiology) from the National Cancer Institute (NCI); and in 2010 completed a post-doctoral fellowship in “Computational Genomic Epidemiology of Cancer” at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Ortiz has 17 years of experience in cancer prevention and control research, as well as mentoring undergraduate, graduate and professional students within this field. Her research interests include human papilloma virus (HPV), HPV-related malignancies, HIV, and women’s health. Among several active research projects, she is a researcher at the Puerto Rico site of the NCI funded AIDS Malignancy Consortium (2UM1CA121947-09) and of the ANCHOR: Anal Cancer/ HSIL Outcomes Research Study (U01CA121947). Since 2004, she has also been a researcher of The University of Puerto Rico/University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) Partnership for Excellence in Cancer Research Grant (2U54CA096297-16). In addition, she is one of the multiple PIs of a study of the associations of oral microbiota with oral HPV infection among Hispanic adults (1R21DE027226-01A1) and of a study elucidating the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria on gynecologic oncology care in Puerto Rico (1R21CA239457-01). Dr. Ortiz is also an investigator of an R01 focused on implementation of school-entry policies for HPV vaccination in Puerto Rico (1R01CA232743-01A1) and multiple PI of a U54 grant focused on the prevention of HPV-related cancers in HIV+ populations in Latin America and the Caribbean (1U54CA242646-01).

updated 12/22/2021