Héctor L. Franco, BS, PhD

Professor and Lead Investigator, Division of Clinical and Translational Cancer Research, & Co-Director of the Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core, University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center

Email: hfranco@cccupr.org

Dr. Hector Franco has an enduring interest in understanding how the human genome works and how genes become deregulated in cancer. Using an interdisciplinary approach that combines high-throughput genomics and molecular biology, the Franco lab works to uncover the underlying molecular mechanisms that control gene expression and the ways in which the epigenome and non-coding RNAs influence these processes. Moreover, the lab is motivated to understand how cancer cells rewire basic mechanisms of gene expression to drive tumor biology and response to therapy with the goal of highlighting novel avenues for therapeutic interventions. Ongoing projects that I would like to highlight are Posttranslational Regulation of FOXA1 in Breast Cancer from the NCI and a Pilot Grant from the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research about Identifying Drivers of Therapeutic Resistance in Ovarian Cancer at Single-Cell Resolution. For more information please visit the Franco lab website: www.thefrancolab.org

(Updated Sept 21, 2023)