José L. Torres Russe, M.D., MPH

General Practitioner Physician and Researcher University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Dr. José L. Torres Russe is a general practitioner physician with 14 years of experience in the primary care setting, as well as in emergency department settings. He completed a Bachelor of Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Río Piedras Campus, and completed a MD degree at Autonomous University of Guadalajara. In 2019, Dr. Torres completed a Master in Public Health with Specialty in Epidemiology (MPH) at the UPR Medical Sciences Campus (UPR MSC). His research interests include HIV/AIDS and HPV-related cancer. Since December, 2019, Dr. Torres is performing a shadowing rotation under the mentorship of Drs. Humberto Guiot and Maribel Tirado, in the Anal Neoplasia Clinic at the UPR MSC, focused on the use of High Resolution Anoscopy as a possible diagnostic technique on the early detection of anal neoplasia in persons living with HIV/AIDS. In September, 2020, Dr. Torres was funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) with a Diversity Supplement under the study entitled California-Mexico-Puerto Rico (CAMPO) Partnership Center for Prevention of HPV-related Cancer in HIV+ populations- Puerto Rico site (Grant number 3U54CA242646-02), where he will determine the prevalence of, and barriers and facilitators to cervical and anal cancer screening among HIV-positive women recruited into CAMPO.

(Feb 5, 2021)