Pedro G. Santiago-Cardona, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Basic Science Department Biochemistry & Cancer Biology Divisions Ponce Health Sciences University, Ponce, PR.


Complete list of publications:

Dr. Pedro Santiago-Cardona completed a Bachelor’s Degree and a Ph. D. in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico. He received postdoctoral training in Molecular Cancer Biology at Harvard Medical School and at the Molecular Oncology Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center. He currently is an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU). Research in his laboratory is focused on the characterization of novel roles for the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein (Rb), traditionally known as a cell cycle repressor, as a regulator of cellular adhesion. Specifically, his research is focused on the characterization of the molecular mechanisms by which Rb regulates cellular adhesion and blocks cancer metastasis, as well as on the characterization of phosphorylation signatures on the Rb protein that could serve as clinically informative metastasis biomarkers. Dr. Santiago is also actively involved in teaching and training students. He teaches Medical Biochemistry in the MD Program at PHSU and teaches the “Cellular and Molecular Basis of Cancer” course for PhD students in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. He has trained over 35 students in his laboratory since being recruited at PHSU, including middle-, high-, undergraduate, PhD, and MD students.